We create multiple projects for RYOT Media.

A short film on life inside Nionan Village, gathering stories, interviews, and visuals in areas where many of the locals have never been able to share their stories before.


On August 2nd, 2014, ISIS attacked and captured the Yazidi town of Sinjar, Iraq. Within 3 days, ISIS had captured and killed thousands of citizens while those who had escaped fled to the nearby mountain. Currently, the Islamic State still retains majority control of the town for those who survived the massacre are waiting in hope of its recovery.

Hungarian Border Crisis

We have been reporting on the migrant crisis since early September 2015. Roszke Hungary, which is a small village near the Serbian border, has become the main area for migrants crossing over. In early September, the border situation was chaotic with Hungarian Police trying to keep order by moving the migrants into buses and transporting them to various camps throughout Europe.

Nepal Earthquake Funeral Procession Honoring Those Lost in the Aftermath

Reporting for Ryot News during the Nepal Earthquake. 

Bethlehem Riots Continue, Oct. 2015

Riots continue to occur weekly in the West Bank. RYOT Denizens Simon Groneberg and Tareq Bannoura were there on the ground, filming the clashes between the Palestinian youth and Israeli Defense Force. The streets of Bethlehem are filled with rocks, tear gas, and fires as the situation in Israel and West Bank continues on a streak of violence following into November.