360 Reporting

Covering the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey and the flooding in Houston Texas. In one week we were able to cover multiple stories in 360.

Riots continue to occur weekly in the West Bank. RYOT Denizens Simon Groneberg and Tareq Bannoura shot a 360 virtual reality film on the clashes between the Palestinian youth and Israeli Defense Force. The streets of Bethlehem are filled with rocks, tear gas, and fires as the situation in Israel and West Bank continues on a streak of violence following into November.

The Kurdish Government and Crisis Response International are working together to provide a safe house for women that were captured by ISIS. CRI Staff provides loving service to see healing brought to every woman who goes through the safe house.

Essyan Camp near Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan has a total of 27,500 IDP's (Internally Displaced Persons) and refugees, with a number of 114 orphans. Most have escaped from Mosul, which is ISIS's second stronghold behind Raqqah, Syria. At this camp, some have lived here for more than a year and fear they will not leave anytime soon.
🏆WE ARE FIA WEC WORLD CHAMPIONS 🏆 Let's look back at our first race victory of the season during the 6 hours of Circuit of The Americas in 360° Virtual Reality! Filmed and Produced by Freelance Society for Aston Martin Racing
Syrian Refugee's continue to arrive at the Munich Central Station, coming from Hungary. Once the Syrian's exit the train, most were escorted by police to buses and then transported to various camps throughout Germany. Most of the population in Munich welcomed the refugee's, however Right Wing protestors began marching through Munich's city center rallying against the immigration crisis.