In Mosul, Iraq, the battle between Iraqi Military and the Islamic State has been ongoing since October 2016. In the process, most of Mosul's formal medical facilities have been destroyed. This has left Iraqi medical teams to set up makeshift field hospitals hidden within abandoned homes all over the city.
Seeker joins filmmaker Dylan Roberts on a journey to the Haitian city of Jérémie, and the small village of Manish, to witness the aftermath of a colossal storm. In the early-morning hours of October 4th, 2016, Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, leaving widespread damage to the island nation in its wake.

In partnership with VehicleVR and Rain Agency, our newest film TheirWorld “Safe Schools: Nepal”, captures 360­degree video and audio from Nepal which transports and immerses the viewer into the country's incredible landscape, to experience the earthquake’s continued first hand impact and to hear the challenges children face getting to school.

RYOT is using Virtual Reality filmmaking to teleport viewers around the world to real-life conflict zones and disaster areas. This immersive short - the first ever VR film from a war zone - was shot on the war-ravaged streets of Aleppo.