Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world & Virtual Reality allows for guided tours of any place around the world. VR and 360 content is a powerful tool for promoting cities, states and communities. VR technology is happening now and will be a major impact on the future of the Tourism Industry.With content optimized for the platform, VR can deliver higher emotional engagement than flat environments.

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VR content is magnetic, when individuals view VR content as opposed to a traditional video they are 81% more likely to tell a friend about the experience. This creates more attention for tourism industries by creating word of mouth advertising about the content.




We created the first virtual reality projects in the state.


Visit Hot Springs recently premiered the first tourism film in Arkansas using virtual reality (VR) technology to promote local Hot Springs attractions. “Hot Springs, The Experience of a Lifetime” is a two-part virtual reality experience produced by Visit Hot Springs to be used primarily as a tool for promoting the city and its attractions to conventions and other groups.  

“Hot Springs, The Experience of a Lifetime” uses Oculus Go headsets to immerse the viewers in the film’s experiences. While both films also could be screened on ordinary video screens, the immersive experience would be lacking.

Initially, the VR films will be used primarily as a marketing tool for Hot Springs by Visit Hot Springs representatives when setting up our booth at trade shows, convention marketing gatherings and other opportunities. As the VR headsets become more widespread the opportunities for public viewing will also increase.

Senator Boozman watching Visit Hot Springs VR films with Director Dylan Roberts

Senator Boozman watching Visit Hot Springs VR films with Director Dylan Roberts



  • First VR Tourism project in Arkansas

  • Arkansas Tourism Henry Award Finalist for Community Tourism Development.

  • Increased foot traffic to Visit Center

  • 3000+ views in a VR headset

  • Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce using film to attract industries and citizens

  • 20,000+ views across digital platforms

  • VR film used in over 10 events and trade shows a year.

Services Provided: 

  • Creative Direction and Story Outline 

  • 360 Video Production & Post Production

  • VR headset Training

  • Event Coordination and Distribution Strategy


KARK | The Sentinel-Record | Arkansas Business | Arkansas Governor’s Conference on Tourism

This video is BTS look at a recent shoot in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Our client wanted to highlight the events, tourism, and natural beauty of the area and knew that the 360 video format was going to be the best medium to highlight the area.