Seeds of Survival - Press Release


The Freelance Society-produced film showcases challenges teenagers face

(FAYETTEVILLE, AR)  Youth Bridge is proud to announce a new virtual reality documentary entitled “Seeds of Survival:  Opportunity for Challenged Youth.” The film features interviews with a former client and staff to show the challenges that teenagers face and how the organization works to help young people overcome them.  It premiered at the Nox Stellata fundraiser in October.

“We are very excited about the film created by Freelance Society,” said Dr. Nancy Hairston, Director of Advancement. “Listening to someone talk about what they have been through is one thing, but to really step inside a jail cell or our Journey house is far more powerful. The impact of this film is irrefutable.”

The film is produced by the Freelance Society, an award-winning company that has shot on the frontlines of the fight against ISIS and the Syrian civil war for a variety of media outlets such as Vice, The Economist and the New York Times. Co-founded by Dylan Roberts, a graduate of the University of Arkansas, the Freelance Society is also passionate about working with American and international nonprofits to spread the message about their work. Roberts was excited to produce the film for Youth Bridge.

"I am very thankful and honored that Youth Bridge chose Freelance Society to tell their story and being one of the first 360 short documentaries in the state,” Roberts said. “It shows the organization is forward thinking and passionate about their work."

Youth Bridge, a non-profit agency, is dedicated to serving youths and their families in the areas of abuse, neglect, addiction, homelessness, mental health issues and behavioral problems.  Youth Bridge has devoted itself to the treatment and support of troubled youths in our community for more than 50 years.  Youth Bridge has provided transitional living programs to girls between 16-and 18-years-old.

- Kody Ford